Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Little Momma is Handed Lemons

Ah, the great cliche, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade".   I've always hated this saying, but lately I have found that it really is what you have to do.  I've been handed about 6 lemons within the last month, half of those within a few days of each other!  And sometimes it just doesn't seem fair. Here are some of them.

Lemon 1: Bills.  Two months ago I had no idea how expensive hospital stays are, or how valuable 5 minutes of a pediatrician's time is.  Well, now I know all too well.  And even after making a spreadsheet to try to make the bills seem manageable, the number they add up to is still very daunting.  That number and these bills have consumed my thoughts.  I have dreams about having to pay off a hefty bill and not having the means.  I think every day, when will I be out of this debt? 

Lemon 2: Crohn's.  Taking care of someone can sap your energy and sleep, even if they are sleeping 8 hours in the night.  Compounded with the stress of the bills, my Crohn's is honestly doing pretty poorly, although if someone inquires about my health I'll give a brief "just fine" and move on.  I'm having to be tested to see if I have developed an immunity to the very medicine that has helped me most over the past 6 or so years.  Before those results are in, I think about every worst case scenario- what if my greatest fear of having to get a bag connected to my intestines comes true?  What if I have to do infusions at the hospital every week?  How will I pay for that?  When will I ever just feel good?

Lemon 3: Mastitis.  If you were once a nursing mother you might have been inflicted with this.  It's by far not the worst thing, but it's quite a nuisance. Between having to pump even after nursing, hot compresses, chills, and a sore throat I am just annoyed that I am on my second bout of it.  Oh well, what can you do?  (Hint: These help.)

Lemon 4: Car troubles.  Thankfully, I have almost learned how to laugh at car problems.  I have the worst car luck in the world.  I think I might be cursed, actually.  I have been hit while in my parked car, I have had 6 tires go flat on me; my parked car was hit once while I was having surgery, I've hit ice and spun into a ditch totaling my car, and finally this past Sunday my new car was vandalized.  Someone thought they were cool and took a bat to 12 cars in La Grange and mine was amongst them.  Why do people do that? I can maybe understand doing that to take revenge on someone, but these people did it needlessly.  When I went outside to see my car, all I could do was scream at the top of my lungs in frustration. Hey, at least they didn't take my "Baby On Board" sticker, right?

For all my complaining I just did, I have some pretty amazing lemonade out of it all, and I didn't even make it myself. 

As far as bills go, I am still very much in debt, but not nearly as much as I could be.  One day, Ian and I called the hospital to begin a payment plan for a $5,000 bill of John's that we were to pay completely out of pocket.  Somehow, insurance covered all but $120.83.  I'm chalking it up to a miracle.

In regards to my car troubles, insurance won't replace your windshield when you have minimum coverage, which is a bummer.  But God provides and I had a generous donation given to me to help pay for my new glass, from a very godly man, which has greatly lifted that burden off of my shoulders. 

I could still worry about my Crohn's and other health issues and how the rest of the bills will get paid, and I catch myself getting worked about every now and then (or more often than that).  But I just read this verse which I am going to try to employ throughout the day every day:

Letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace.
Romans 8:6