Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My New Role Model

My line of work has allowed me to see people from all walks of life in varying stages of their lives, mostly their most trying times, and how they are coping with it all.  There are the complainers, the curmudgeons; there are the people who have resigned themselves to a death sentence (some ready and waiting; some begging for it; some terrified of it); there are the hopefuls who ask, "Do you think I'll be going home tomorrow?"  Humans in different degrees of misery and hardship. 

Two nights ago, we got a new patient who was, for our floor, very young (forties or fifties).  The man has multiple sclerosis and recently lost the job that helped provide for his four children.  I wasn't assigned to him, but when his nurse and aide came out of his room I quickly wished I was. 

They spoke of him with respect and admiration: his nurse sat down in awe and said, "He just radiates....Jesus".  His aide had only praise as well: "I have never seen a man who is going through all that have that joy. He's the real deal. He's the real deal."  This man made an immediate impression on these people by his obvious love for the Lord and resulting peace and joy in what would otherwise be a desolate time in his life. 

All this to say, I would love for people to walk away from me saying the same things.  Sadly, I know they don't.  Not long ago, I mentioned to a coworker that I went to Portland Christian School in my formative years and she said, "Oh really? I would have never guessed you were a Christian."  Yikes!! Granted, she works day shift and doesn't spend much time with me, but her comment was convicting.

I used to want people to say, "She walks like an ace," after meeting me, per the Beach Boys.  (This never happened.  I have an undeniably weird gait that my physical therapist has even pointed out.) My priorities have since changed, and now the challenge is to radiate Jesus like this man did, leaving people hungry for the Holy Spirit.