Wednesday, November 20, 2013

LM's Nine Month Old

my baby around 20ish weeks
I will never, ever forget the night my baby decided to make his entrance into the world.  I wasn't due for another four weeks, and while I had had many complications and hospital stays throughout my pregnancy, by my 34th week, we all kind of thought I would make it to the home stretch.  I wasn't losing any more weight, I wasn't in pain (much), and everything had settled down.

meeting him for the first time!
Saturday, February 16th, 2013 was the day of my baby shower.  After getting great gifts from family and friends, I went out with Ian for dinner at the Bristol.  Later, I went home where my mom, aunt, uncle, and I were watching Skyfall; all the while my mom commenting, "Don't you think your dad looks like Daniel Craig?  I think your dad looks like Daniel Craig." (He doesn't.) My back was hurting a little but I chocked it up to the pumps I insisted on wearing to my shower. Nothing about the evening really seemed out of the ordinary.
trying to feed him baby food for the first time.  Before this, I didn't know that babies just don't get it at first.
At two in the morning, February 17th, I woke up from my slumber.  Oh crap, I totally peed myself. I went to the bathroom to clean up and after being back in bed for ten minutes, I wet the bed again.  I need to get this under CONTROL! When it happened the third time I got a little suspicious.  After my mom and I googling "water breaking" and calling my OBGYN, we sped to the hospital to meet Ian there.

fun with daddy
I'll never forget Ian holding my hand and talking to me as casually as he could muster as the surgeons worked behind the curtain. At 6:23 am, my baby was born. And I will never, ever forget hearing his cry for the first time and my OB exclaiming, "He's a baritone!" (Lots of things about this night that I won't forget, huh?)   I had to wait five minutes to see him as the nurses made sure everything with JDK checked out.  Ian was bawling and taking pictures.  When I finally laid eyes on my firstborn, the first thing I could think to say was, "He's so cute!!!" (Although looking back, he looked a bit Benjamin-Button like.  Very wrinkly and bony.)
He loves Cousin Joe!
This past Sunday, my tiny little baby became a chunky, growling nine month old.  He crawls, he pulls up, laughs a lot, and loves entertaining (never when I put him on the spot, however).  He's the most amazing baby Ian and I could ever have asked for.
Help, my 9 month old is a reindeer "animorph"!!!

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