Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Miracle Minivan

I have never been what anyone would consider a lucky person.  I never win sweepstakes that I sign up for, or even anything inside a cereal box.  My husband and I share this quality, only I would take it a step further and call him just plain unlucky. 

For example, a couple of days before Christmas Ian had gotten off work and was headed to buy a present for our nephew.  Meanwhile, I had only been home from the hospital a day or two and my mom and I were at home, cold compress on my head and painkillers running through my veins.  I had just requested a bowl to retch into when I got a call from Ian.

Me: Did you get the present?
Ian (calmly): I am on my way but I've pulled over at a gas station because the car is smoking.
Me (nauseous and unhappy):  Yikes. Okay well let me know when you're coming home.  

We hung up and I started crying (those pain pills sure make a girl emotional).  We had spent thousands of dollars on car repairs that year, and had yet to receive my hospital bill, and I just didn't want to have one more thing to worry about.  At this point in time, puking ensued. 

I don't know if you've ever had abdominal surgery, but if you have you know that merely coughing and sneezing make you painfully aware of all the muscles that are affected by such bodily functions.  When you're throwing up after surgery...well, you just think that your incision will rip open and spill all the guts that aren't already coming out of your mouth (too graphic?). 

It was at this moment that my phone began to ring again.  My mother graciously answered for me while I threw up. When she left the room during the call, I knew it could only be bad news on top of a terrible night. 

Ian had told her that the old Taurus had gone up in flames.  The fire department was on their way and the Thornton's was being totally evacuated.  And that was that.  (To hear him tell the story is more humorous than melancholy - videos of his car ablaze even circulated Facebook!) 
The day after the fire: the aftermath
We were once again a one car family.  I know it is possible to function as such, as we've done it before, but when both spouses work and you've got a child it is very difficult.  To me, things couldn't get worse.  Of course this would happen to us at this time. But really God, do you just love picking on us? 

Our good family friend who had found my Honda began a hunt for another car that we could plausibly buy.  Every day I was burdened by the thought of the thousands of dollars for this "new" car that would render us basically broke. 

Weeks passed and our friend was not finding a car, which was a bit unusual he told me.  Something should have turned up by now.  I posted a status on Facebook seeing if anyone knew of a "steal" that Ian and could purchase.  That very night I received this message:

Hey Savannah.  Saw your post about looking for another car.  We just got a replacement van and hadn't decided what to do with the other van yet.  It's a 2004 Nissan Quest with a few miles and few minor things but it runs good and never gave us any major trouble.  By next weekend if you want it and are interested in it, it's yours.

I immediately started bawling, and not because of the painkillers.  Two weeks later, I had a minivan that I didn't deserve or dream of affording in years (I mean, the thing has a DVD player!  And seat warmers!!!) Their generosity is miraculous and evidence of God's merciful provision. 
Minivan Momma!!
To quote Michael Scott from the Office: "It goes to show that everything you want in life you get.  And you can't work for it.  It just comes to you."

...I'M KIDDING, PEOPLE! (We do work very hard, by the way.)

All of this to say, God's timing is perfect.  His provision is perfect.  And yes, He was picking on us.

For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous,
and his ears are open to their prayer.
1 Peter 3:12
My baby napping in the van he will grow up in!  (Look at all that SPACE!)

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