Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Little Momma, and the Little Things

As I type this, I can hear my son working on a substantial poop. Just what I always wanted! I say to him, not ironically.  You can do it, baby!!  It's funny how these things (bodily functions-poops, burps, toots) are so great coming from a baby.  I would never cheer on an adult while they're pooping, or for being able to.  That's just weird. 
Baby tip: When my boy is gassy there are a couple things I turn to:
-Gripe Water. A yummy medicinal tool for gas and stomach pains and colic
-Exercise.  I bend John in half, putting his feet up to his head and the toots come out like magic!

My life since John has become about 1) somebody other than me, 2) teamwork, and 3) the little things.  All of these were previously not my forte.  If you know me, you laugh at what an understatement that is. 

I never really put anyone before me before my I met John.  It makes life easy when you are your top priority, and for many others I was top priority so it was just hard and unnecessary (to me) to look beyond to the needs of others.  Now I am responsible for a whole other person! Which is terrifying, but somehow the most natural and gratifying, most fulfilling and validating thing.  The only problem is, when you know you're responsible for someone else you have to makes changes in your life to ensure the best for them.  It's not about the world anymore, it's about an eternal outcome for my baby.

Waking up.  It's so hard being a baby.

I never liked teamwork.  I'm kind of bossy because I want things just so, and I always disliked group projects in school.  Now I'm all about being a team with my baby and being a team with his dad.  Its a team effort to nurse and it's the biggest team effort you can take on to parent.  I'm sure I'll elaborate on these in another post.

And finally, the little things.  I am terrible at fine details and the little things in the day that need to get done.  I stress constantly about them and often would put them off or not do them.  Now, they are a must.  In my devotion the other day it talked about how one tends to make checklists of the things you need to to in order to gain control in life, which is what I had been doing minutes before reading this. "The harder you try, the more frustrated you become," I read.  Yes! This is so me! I'm thinking. 

Then it said "Fix your eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen."  I realized if I want the little things to be just that--little things--I need to trust that I can have the peace that passes understanding if I focus on what is unseen and that He'll take care of me and those things.  So I employed this method yesterday, and by gum I got done several more things than I thought I would!  Didn't even have a breakdown along the way.

For my mom:  JDK slept from 11:20-7:20 last night!  Mostly in the crib, but with me for the last couple hours.  Then napped for another four hours.  I am going to have to trim his nails later today because they are long and dirty, and it is gross.  And maybe a bath if I feel up to it (but probably will wait until tomorrow). 

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on You! Isaiah 26:3

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